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Hopefully this page will answer most, if not all, the general questions you may have regarding Graphic Design, Projects, and Payments. If you don’t see an explanation for your specific question, contact me at your earliest convenience for prompt resolution and/or deep thoughts.


What Services do you offer?

• Branding - Logo Design, Color, Style, Theme
• Illustration - Custom vector Art for Print or Web.
• Photo Manipulation Custom Graphics for Print or Web.
• Layout and Typography - Organization of (print/web) page elements and font/type for maximum impact, consistency & readability.
• Print Projects - Business Cards, Flyers, Pamphlets, Brochures, Posters, Advertisements, Coupons, Magazines.
• Web Projects - Website Design, Blog, Ecommerce, Internet Marketing.


How is pricing determined?

My current hourly rate is $50 per hour.

You may request a Project-based estimate instead, but know that all projections are calculated with the same hourly rate in mind, while also allowing for a reasonable number of edits or revisions. A standard estimate defines “reasonable” as up to 3 minor edits or 1 project re-design. Any further revisions above and beyond that is invoiced at the normal hourly rate.

Based on a standard hourly rate, any work over 15 minutes is counted as a full hour. Anything 15 minutes or below is free-of-charge. So for example, if it takes me 2 hours and 34 minutes to design something — you’ll be invoiced for 3 hours. But if it takes me 2 hours and 14 minutes, you’ll only be billed for 2 hours. See how that works?

This concept applies to just about anything, and it’s something that I think results in a win/win for everyone. Anytime you need some quick advice, a little tweak, or an extremely minor revision…as long as it takes me less than 15 minutes, I’ll be more than happy to provide the service as a courtesy. No bill. No invoice. Just simple, friendly favors that I will strive to complete the same day if at all possible.

Contact me with any special billing needs, and I’m sure we can work something out.


What is the average turnaround?

Obviously this depends upon the project, however most projects are straightforward affairs. Most of the time, we’re talking a business card or website page update or coupon advertisement. In which case, you can expect an average turnaround of 48 hours. If my workload allows, there’s a pretty good chance you may even receive same-day service.

For larger projects such as building a website from scratch or a marketing campaign or extensive video editing, you may expect a time estimate that reflects a realistic assessment of your wants/needs. For such large projects, you may request that things are broken down into smaller sub-projects, which will then be organized, managed, and updated on a R2H Client Services site for which you will be given access.

Unforeseen delays or issues will be communicated and addressed promptly. You will be aware of every aspect of the design process.


File formats and design standards.

I am happy to provide you with digital copies of your stuff in whatever format you like. If no specific direction is provided, I will save all work in the two formats I feel are most appropriate. Here is an explanation of the more common file types:

• PDF - Most people are familiar with PDF. Font and image information is embedded in an easily-accessible format for reading. A universal standard that can be optimized for either Print or Web. This is the format most often utilized for final Print projects.
• TIF - The ideal image format for Print. Perfect for inserting a Logo onto a letterhead or brochure. Large file size but better quality when using a professional print shop.
• EPS - Used if you want vector art that is editable in the future.
• JPG - The most common image type seen on the Web. I will optimize all web-based images for quick load time and small file size.
• PNG - This web-based image format is growing in popularity since it allows for transparent backgrounds. If transparent background is not needed, then just stick with JPG. Like JPG, your PNG images will be optimized for quick load time.

If you have the appropriate software applications, I can also provide you with the original files I used to create your design such as PSD (Photoshop), AI (Illustrator), etc. However be aware that I tend to use current and updated versions of said software.

If you want me to work with your own images or artwork, remember that bigger is better. Large files and high resolution is a good thing. I’d rather have a photo that is too large that I can then crop or re-size as needed than to be provided a photo that is too small. Something large can be reduced without problem. However enlarging something that was originally small rarely works out very well.

Speaking of resolution, know that unless told otherwise, all Web elements will be at 72ppi (pixels per inch) in RGB color, whereas all Print elements will be developed at 300ppi in CMYK color. As a result of this and other factors, you can always expect the file size of a Print project to be much larger than that designed for Web.


Do you provide actual Printing Services?


Tell me what you need, how many, and a shipping address — and I will handle everything at a price that will make you very happy.

What is involved in creating a custom website?

Usually you will want to purchase a custom domain name and select a web host. To make things easier, it would be helpful if you provided me with a log-in to access your account so that I can get things properly configured. Otherwise at the very least, I will need FTP access to upload and download to your server.

If you need assistance in these areas, I will be happy to help.

The next thing we shall need to determine is the purpose for the website and specific functions you want to see. Do you want something straightforward and basic? Do you plan on selling products? What about a blog? Are you looking for something low maintenance or something that will be easy to update by somebody with no knowledge of HTML or CSS?

Based upon your needs/wants, I shall give you my recommendations, and we can go from there!


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