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Online Mailer Order Form

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29th July

Contracted to create a simple online form that would be used to order customized mailers.

Nothing fancy. Just a way to allow for an Ad Agency to easily accept requests that would be processed, printed, and distributed to locations nationwide.

Included a bit of CSS design with the rounded corners, drop-shadow, and bold headers. But most of the work involved text fields and drop-down menus.

The form functionality includes user-messages that display if required fields are not filled out and a pop-up calendar for selecting dates. Also added a Thank You page for when the form is submitted. All submissions are forwarded to the appropriate company email for review.




UI: More Coolest

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11th June

The UI for More Coolest consisted of a round theme with a clean look. Menu and Navigation options were straightforward text elements with a subtle orange (CSS3) background gradient for hover effects.

Graphic images were constructed in Illustrator.

The idea here was “fun”, “cool”, and “iconic”.


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7th June

After obtaining my Adobe Cloud membership, I decided to test out the Business Catalyst web hosting features that were now integrated with Dreamweaver. Nothing fancy or overly complicated…Just something to test the functionality. It was a perfect opportunity to put together an online resume site.

So I purchased the rights to the domain name “” then proceeded to ponder over layout ideas.

I wanted to create something simple and straightforward that also showcased my ability to create graphic images,  design user interface, and apply creative concepts. I decided upon a bold “spotlight” theme that highlighted the content in a beam of light with accents that implied a sense of rugged tech.

Graphics constructed in Illustrator and Photoshop. Layout put together using Dreamweaver, HTML, and CSS.

Delta College Bookstore Website

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4th June

College bookstore website was based on a content management system that is particular to retail distributors of educational-related products and textbooks. I inserted custom HTML, CSS, and Javascript into the pages to create a more dynamic experience. Slideshow images designed in Photoshop. User-interface icons, buttons, and theme elements were created in Illustrator.

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