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NateHello, My Name is Nate.

I like movies, especially the Previews. I like Captain Kirk, Bobba Fett, and Aragorn (son of Arathorn). I’ll giggle like a little girl for the next Harry Dresden or Jack Reacher book. Mac ‘n’ Cheese and Root Beer is the perfect meal combo. Marvel would be better than DC, except that DC has Batman. XBox Kinect is neat when no one is watching. The purpose of the internet is really for MMOs. And I still think it’s amazing that my eye-glasses turn dark when I go outside.

Oh, and I love graphic design.

Type, Photos, Illustration, Colors, Shapes, on Printed materials, or glowing on a computer screen from the Web. Regardless of the how or why of a given project, it’s something I feel passionate about and have fun doing. It’s a puzzle. An adventure. A challenge.

Graphic Design is overcoming a crazed, violent, screaming, fearsome Giant with a simple and straightforward rock to the head. It’s about getting your message across clearly and with maximum impact. It’s about a story that people remember and carry with them.

Let me loose upon your project, and Victory shall be ours.

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Take a look at current Tips, Articles, Promotions, Tutorials, Project pieces, or Random Ramblings. The R2H Blog is your doorway to awesome. It's where dragons are slain and giants are toppled. Grab a rock, and let's go!

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